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But I changed the colors around to match our theme! Previous Episode Book Club Dinner.

Congrats and happy anniversary! I think you're going to have to make your buffet something generally American rather than specifically Vegas. Apologies, maybe I should have been more specific - my party will consist of a totally Las Vegas theme therefore a Las vegas finger buffet will be available. Comments Congrats and happy anniversary! February 7, at 6:

Plan a casino party for that special someone, or a group of friends with these tips Vegas party supplies like invitations, decorations, foods, games, and favors. Slot Machine Vegas Party! Lots of ideas for casino themed food and decor @ajoyfulriot I knew when I was 16 that I would marry Nathanial. Answer 1 of Hi all I am having a Las Vegas themed party and I would like to have a traditional american buffet for my guests - please can.

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